Freddy Lim: In the view of the authoritarians, democracies are full of vulnerabilities

Dokidoki Interview Ep.15

  • Author = Dokidoki Safety
  • Editor = IORG Research HQ
  • Interview date = 2020.11.6
  • Published = 2021.1.6 18:00
  • Updated = 2021.6.15 12:00

Starting from IORG’s research report, Dokidoki Safety interviews legislators, councilors, scholars, and experts about Chinese information manipulation against Taiwan.

Episode 15, Dokidoki Safety interview Legislator Freddy Lim. He stressed that the world is collectively facing an authoritarian state larger than ever before. To “it,” our liberal, democratic societies are full of vulnerabilities.

  • Information manipulation
  • Freddy Lim
  • Legislator