About IORG

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  • Published = 2020.7.3 18:00
  • Updated = 2021.2.27 0:30

IORG is a Taiwan-based multidisciplinary research group formed in 2019 by media workers, social scientists, data scientists, and local activists. IORG works to counter authoritarian expansion with public information, scientific methodologies, and grassroots organization.

IORG believes in defending democracy through open information and public participation. IORG works to build a grassroots network of scientific researchers, local activists, and communities. IORG commits resources to this network to strengthen information literacy of local communities, as well as their organizational and research capabilities. Through this network, we counter Chinese influence operations in Taiwan and defend Taiwan’s democracy.

Open information

IORG believes that open information and civic participation are two core values of defending democracy. Research results, methodology, data, and code produced by IORG are open by default.

For more, please refer to https://iorg.tw/open.


Josh Wang

IORG Co-director. Activist, educational worker.

Chihhao Yu

IORG Co-director. Software engineer, information designer.

Hsiaochiang Hsu

IORG Researcher. Political scientist.

Jasmine Lee

IORG Researcher. International relations researcher.

Shao-Hong Lin

IORG Data Engineer. Political scientist.

Wen-Yi Wang

IORG Data Engineer. M.S. from NYU Center for Data Science.

Wesley Chia-Wei Lin

IORG Data Engineer.

Urda Wan-Ling Yen

IORG Research Co-director (2020.1-2021.3). Historian.

Baliyoho Cheng

IORG Researcher (2020.1-2021.3). Sociologist.

Chìnkhun Lîm

IORG Data Engineer (2020.1-2021.3).


Ming-Hung Wang

Social media analysis, information security. Assistant Professor of computer science at Feng-Chia University.

Jaw-Nian Huang

China’s authoritarian diffusion, Southeast Asia’s media politics. Assistant Professor of development studies at National Cheng-Chi University. Research team member for China Impact Studies at Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica.

Thung-Hong Lin

Class inequality in Chinese societies, global and local sociology of disaster. Research Fellow at Academia Sinica.

Titus C. Chen

International norms and systems, Chinese foreign policy, human rights and the rule of law. Applying text mining to human rights research in China. Associate Professor of political science at National Sun Yat-Sen University.

Ming-Chun Ku

Cultural politics in contemporary China, sociology of religion. Associate Professor of sociology at National Tsing-Hua University.

Puma Po-Yang Shen, advising IORG from December 2019 to May 2020. Criminal law, sociology of law, white-collar crime. Assistant Professor of criminology at National Taipei University.