Last Week CCP – 5 Weeks to Taiwan’s 2024 Elections

IORG Report No. 55 2023.12.10-16

  • Author = IORG
  • Published = 2023.12.21 8:30
  • Updated = 2023.12.28 17:30


  • December 10th-16th was the 5th week until Taiwan’s 2024 Elections on Saturday, January 13th, 2024.
  • At least 1,219 PRC documents mentioned Taiwan last week (including major government agencies, political parties, and political figures), according to IORG Archive. 830 were published by PRC state media, counting the highest, followed by 197 from HK state media.
  • PRC’s top concern last week was Taiwan’s ruling party DPP, with mentions found in 35.6% of its documents. Out of all PRC documents mentioning Taiwanese political parties, 50.60% mention DPP solely, while 10.12% and 2.78% mention KMT and TPP, respectively.
  • At least 34 Taiwan-related events took place last week across China, with approx. 800 Taiwanese participants engaged with wide-ranging “non-political” activities. Participants from Taiwan included students, “Taiwanese youth” (台青), family associations (宗親會), hometown associations (同鄉會), civil society organizations, corporate representatives, middle and primary school principals, deputy department heads (副處長) in city governments. PRC official participation ranged from “street-level” (街道), deputy provincial governors (副省長), to officials form the UFWD of CCP Central Committee.
  • Last week’s Taiwan in CCP worldview featured wide-ranging hot topics including culture, food safety, trade, and defense. “108 Curriculum Guidelines” (108 課綱) was the most concerned event in CCP’s view of Taiwan.
  • Last week’s CCP selected delicacy: Taitung (台東) sugar apples (釋迦), hot and sour fish (酸菜魚).


Chinese Communist Party

The sole ruling political party in PRC.


People’s Republic of China

A country in East Asia.


United Front Work Department

A department of the CCP Central Committee.



A special administrative region of PRC.


Democratic Progressive Party

The ruling political party in Taiwan.


Chinese Nationalist Party; Kuomintang

An opposition political party in Taiwan.


Taiwan People’s Party

An opposition political party in Taiwan.

Abbreviations used in this report. Source: IORG.

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